Prophet$ Profit$

by Ty Lee

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released June 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Ty Lee Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Prai$e Profit feat. Brandon Smith
(((speech from the film Network)))

rise and grind for that dime to shine
gotta beat the time, so i can take what's mine
steal from the blind, fuck with the kind
drink a bit of coffee from a starbucks, get high
till i find another reason to live
i'ma, make money, i got nothin to give
gotta, get ugly, fight for my kids
what a, sick country, i love this shit
love wakin up at the crack of dawn
get dressed in my slacks, put my collar on
cuz i might run away if the leash is too long
so i keep my slave game locked down strong
fuck thinkin for myself
its much easier when done by someone else
gotta get that wealth
even if it leads me down to hell
father forgive my hustle and flow
i would stop if i had another place to go
but i don't wanna be broke and alone
i just want a little mansion and a boat
with a couple crocodiles for the bums
and a safe full of money and guns
that's really all i need to have a lot of fun
please god, let me kill it till its done
like a drone strike blowin up a school
little fuckers gotta learn to let freedom rule
cuz all we really need is under their shoes
gotta get that, black gold, drill thru
cuz i need my h3 full of fuel
punk ass kids callin me a tool
like i give a fuck about your hippie view
i'ma take that carrot when i pay my dues
praise profit, i don't need your socialist bullshit
never stoppin, till the whole entire motherfuckin world ends
praise profit, over lives and skies and cries from the poor slime
bodies droppin, if anybody tries to take what i call mine
prophet$ profit$
Track Name: $leep
sleep all day thru the night and the light
no need to wake, cuz everything's all right
got a smile to fake, and a life to fight
then go home, get baked, eat cake and die
just kidding kids, have a sip of this
kool-aid for your brain, ignorance is bliss
with a twist, like sierra mist
kinda citrus, but mostly chemicals
nah, i'm pretty full, but thanks red bull
you keep me goin with your vitamins and minerals
product place meant to meltify your mind
cuz we gotta find a shelter for the lies to hide
have some cyanide, its the diet kind
make ya feel fine, like some coffee grinds
or a big pie, take a bigger slice
you deserve it cuz you're so damn nice
like jesus on ice
or a family that never fights
white picket signs at a funeral for human rights
elevator music set to bruise your third eye
mom and dad told me, don't as why
so i keep my head down underneath the blue sky
and i don't cry
when the bad guys die
its just a game, right?
whoa, outta sight, fake murder and stereotypes
i love stereos, radios and gramaphones
i love video's of kittens playin xylophones
distraction is a subtle art
like a beautiful painting for sale at wal mart
its a slow start, give up on your heart
cuz we're not far, throw your soul in the cart
cuz its all on sale
from the dirty dozen to organic kale
while it wait for it all to fail
the titanic already set sail
like planned obsolescence
or unwillingness to learn some new lessons
while the soft rock school is in session
i'ma blow my load on a buttload of blessings
like a new xbox 1080
while i'm waiting for the people to play me
i should plan for my future babies
and remember to administer a shot for rabies
cuz the haters keep biting on my style
and i know their mother lovin mouths can be a bit vile
kinda like a steamin pile of
well, you know what
nuts, momma taught me never to cuss
so instead i say dang and shucks
and i always keep my shame covered up
cuz the good lord's watchin me doin my stuff
and the NSA, CIA patriots
i feel so safe, like no one's gonna rape us
cuz they hate us, you know its in their blood
hatin on freedom like terrorists would
shhh, the babies are asleep
lets say a prayer for jesus to keep
our souls safe from the demons in the deep
and if i die when i wake, baby don't you weep
cuz all it is, its like goin back to sleep
go to sleep
Track Name: $toic
see this planet, through the damage, of my two eyes
wonder who ran it, on the plan that it currently rides
was it man or machines? who killed the wise?
who ignored her cries? why'd you sit and watch her die?
me? i'm just a starving artist, doin my best, to sell my soul out
all covered in flaws, all hidden in doubt
all cursed by the law, can't find a way out
devil's got me in his claws, gotta find another route
i'm the blood of the innocent, on a soldier's boot
i'm the one to begin again, i'ma pull up these roots
i'ma run till the winter's end, then spring back new
i'ma fall till i'm buried in, six feet of tomb
i'ma kill all the undead, with my chainsaw flow
i'ma pain the town red, when the starlight shows
i'ma take it to the head, let it rattle in your bones
like bullets in your bed, i'm the cold in your toes, whoa
i am not who you think i am, i am gone, to the brink of this damn
universe, and i'm sure i'm not the first, but the pain still hurts
and i think its getting worse, i just wanna be sure, i can break this curse, i just wanna be sure, that i don't make it worse
gonna dig into the dirt, gonna bury all the hurt
so it don't get worse, gonna break this curse
Sunburst, bring it back to the first, cuz the world's gonna turn
and its all gonna burn, don't wait on the word, don't hate on the bird
just because he's free, don't mean he can't see
inside your cage, i can feel his rage
cuz he's gonna find a way, to get a key someday
make a ladder of mistakes that shakes ablaze, till he shapes his fate
in his own way
Track Name: Je$u$ feat. +
money is the fruit of all evil
payin for the wars that kill people
greedy banks are motherfuckin lethal
pedophiles hiding in the steeples
and all i wanna do is get free tho
but the wolves are guarding all the keyholes
not about to rally all the sheeple
know they're still not ready for the red pill
so where my anarchists at
i see you chokin on the dirt
we gotta get back, lift that
backpack full of hurt (+what else)
we got fists full of anger that burn
like molotov cocktails on your shirt
we are the ones that never were
we also never liked the word sir
cuz i've been a fool
i've been a slave
i've been a rapist of the state
yeah you heard that right
i was itchin for a fight
so i signed that line
learned to line my sights
up with a victim
devil said, kill him
but i never wanted to
do what you gotta do
i just wanna break you
maybe i can fake it thru
nope, gotta get loose
cut this noose
don't shoot
i am not a brute
and i'm not a slave
and i am not afraid
to burn down this charade
organize a parade
so we can dance on the graves
of the pigs and the haters someday
like, fuck you all in the face
we don't care what you say
i never claimed to be a saint
and you probly never saw me that way, but
we been watchin what you're droppin in the water
and the looks that you've been givin to our daughters
and the way that you've been pushin on our fathers
makes me wanna turn into a fuckin martyr
like, Jesus Christ, what did he say
just imagine your savior with thick braids
instead of wavy blonde shit like my mom raised
he was probably arabic and beige
whoa, you mean jesus was a terrorist
damn straight, a terrorist to the state
(((+'s part)))
its not that they don't believe you
it just, that they don't believe x2
but if i get drunk before i get the work done
and don't call back and don't go for a run
i should
until i feel again the Sun
the things i feel
the things i see
are all
inside of me
(((Ty Lee)))
and i don't even know what flows inside of me
sometimes i don't even remember how to breathe
sometimes i wish i couldn't see
all the forests, burning thru the trees
sometimes the bible is the only thing i got
and even that shit is the reason i'm a slave in the first place
its okay to be cray cray
no one makes sense, at this fuckin age
(((Ty Lee)))
in this day and age, we're all full of rage
some are gettin paid, but everybody's caged
i ran into the arms of the one who does me harm
(((Ty Lee)))
he was carrying a bomb, then he dropped it in the calm
every day i, martyr smarter
i, speak better
work out harder
forgive my lover
(((Ty Lee)))
forgive the other
cuz thats the point, right?
(((Ty Lee)))
i think it just might
be, we can be Ty
i promise you, just breathe
serenity is peace and its in our DNA
merry in the streets till we see an a+ from God
(((Ty Lee)))
or until we get robbed
LOL, we're in hell
kill yourself
i'm just kiddin, keep the faith
(((Ty Lee)))
so what happens when it breaks? (((+))) keep the faith
but it just might fade (((+))) keep the faith
and when it goes away?! (((+))) keep the faith
and if i died today? (((+))) keep the faith?
keep the faith
so what happens when it breaks? (((Ty Lee))) keep the faith
but it just might fade (((Ty Lee))) keep the faith
and when it goes away?! (((Ty Lee))) keep the faith
and if i died today? (((Ty Lee))) keep the faith
keep the faith
Track Name: Limitle$$ feat. Brandon Smith
callin out to the angels, like i need a little help here
i picked a fight with the devil, and i know he don't fight fair
had enough of betrayal, had enough of fear
callin out to the rebels, revolution is here
learnin how to hold my breath as water levels rise
burnin all my burdens till i reach the skies
livin every moment like i know i'm gonna die
cuz i will
and so will you
fragile as we are i know we're made of star
stuff that's tough, ya we came so far
to understand the prisonspeak and break these bars
apart, just don't wait for it to start
the art of liberation must awaken from within
to challenge every enemy that's hiding in your skin
but don't take it from me, i'm just a messenger from them
who? infinite, and they told me i was limitless
told me not to let it get my ego swole
focus on the consciousness inside my soul
knowin this is all i need to keep me whole
i know, i just gotta let go
flow across the universe in tune with my word
speakin for the people that are broke and unheard
listen to the messages in cages made for birds
break em out, watch em fly into the clouds
fly away from all the rage and bathe in the storm
feel the emptiness evacuate as grace takes form
your excellence just doesn't fit inside the norm
torn, then reborn
to be limitless, beyond their control
beyond borders, overthrow
limitless, uncontrollable bliss
ecstasy, you know you can't resist
this life is storm, but we are the calm
this life was born, in the middle of a bomb
and the time is ticking, and the fog is thickening
as the end grows closer, the beginning might show up
and the system might blow up, and the livin might get rough
but i know that we'll have enough, as long as we got us
as long as we got trust, in our collective blood
we'll keep peeling away the rust, we'll keep crawling through the mud
don't ever be afraid to scream, don't ever let em clip your wings
and if they try to crush your dreams, then you let your rage sing
cuz we send in the rain to free us, and we revel in the pain of knees cut
and if they send death to greet us, we'll be comin back, like Je$u$
Track Name: Ri$e feat. Carla Starla
psychopathic capitalists fuckin with my head
pushin me to follow where the other sheep are led
but i would rather bite upon the hand that keeps me fed
than surrender what is left of me to eat upon some bread
they can kill me till i'm dead, and i'll still fight back
as a zombie fuckin unicorn with laser beams attached
they can shoot me in the bed, Fred Hampton style
i'm not really worried how i run my last mile
i'm not really scared of all these dungeons full of filth
i accept it as my punishment for all the ones i killed
with a microphone of violent tones and speakers full of rage
as i ripped apart the pieces of my self-inflicted cage
blaze through waves of twitchy bliss and pain
praise all the rain as it falls down the drain
wake up and slave, you got a spine to maintain
fuck the grave, through the flames, try not to go insane
(this place is gonna forcefeed you lies)
(on a golden platter shining in the light)
(while they silence and restrain the wise)
(filling you with apathy from birth until you die)
(and then they're gonna come for you kids)
(and make em wanna slit their wrists)
(this planet's so fucking sick)
(and we gotta make her better)
(or get ready for the weather)
(get up) like a kid throwin rocks at a tank
(get up) cuz we ain't got time to be fake
(get up) like the moon when the Sunlight sank
(get up) get up, like you wanna rob a bank
(get up) cuz this system's got us all by the nuts
(get up) give blood, give love, give guts
(get up) give it all, till you fall into a rut, then
(get up) brush it off, hit the wall till its dust
(get up) when the man tries to take your ground
(get up) motherfucker i ain't tryin to drown
(get up) right now, its about to get loud
(get up) get up, cuz we gotta tear it down
(get up) from the mess we made along the way
(get up) this is not a test, this is not for play
(get up) cuz i can't wait another fucking day
(get up) take back what they made us pay
take back all the dreams they stole from us, so we can
get free from the sludge and the rust, gotta
take back our empathy and trust, so we can
get clean, get back whats just
get back to the One, we once called home, so we can
get free from the shit we own, gotta
get back to feelin in my bones, so i can
get free, get clean, get grown
get up, when the world's got you bloody in the face
get up, you are not a rat, this is not a race
get up, when the cops got you sprayed with mace
get up, get up through the grime and the grace
through the loss and the shame i will maintain flow
though the fear tries to drain, make my brain say no
they can come all day to detain this glow
cuz at the end of it all, they ain't stoppin our show
Track Name: De$cend feat. Carla Starla
feelin everything and nothin at the same time
till i tear apart the limits of my small mind
nothin quite as comforting as big lies
sleepin on a screamin bed of silent cries
from the mother of another dead soldier
or an artist in Palestine, so alone
feelin like my feet keep sinkin lower
i just want this fuckin game to be over
but i can't stop, won't stop the body rot
play in the decay until worms eat my sweet slop
chokin on the bones, they don't know who they got
like, "this mother fucker? ya he used to complain a lot"
death and taxes, corporation starfuck
champagne glasses, bourgeois soul suck
trailer park trashin, thunder struck
stock market crashin, under my nuts
what?! gotta hit the ground runnin
make sure the moneys comin
Love, give and take a little somethin
drugs, keep me seekin out the next one
guns, get me thinkin revolution
won, wish i knew the solution
run, underground with the movement
Sun, what i missed when the moon hit
now i get my shine from the stars
all this swag's never been ours
wanna be bad but never got far
cities so mad, got me covered in scars
guards surround my heart with bars
pullin this ace till i run outta cards
king's too soft, so joker goes hard
gotta let em know who the fuck we are
why?! cuz its all an illusion
deny, keep swimmin in confusion
cry, till you break on thru
then die again, rebirth, unhinge
get up on the next new shit
everybody arguing what the truth is
government monitoring all our kids
i just wanna find some place to exist
beyond all the bullshit and plastic fish
there must be a place better than this
is it even possible to live in bliss?
do you think it would last, or would we turn it into shit?
hint, i think we already did
twist, the top off this lid
missed, opportunities hid
kissed, goodbye kid
(((Carla Starla)))
run, run, run, run x3
run to somethin better
you don't have to stay where you are
your bones are made from stars
keep on runnin, i know you'll get far
runnin off the edge of this cliff
cuz i don't know if better exists
i just wanna get a grip
but i know this world is stuffed full of tricks
this world is full of glitch
and i wanna see it fixed
i don't wanna watch it twitch
rather build it up, brick by brick
wanna set it off, like a molotov
gotta get involved, gotta break laws
gotta bend bars, gotta break walls
gotta go hard, gotta stay strong
gotta do it all, all except fall
do it for the small, no time to crawl
no time to stall, gotta run far
gotta run till i make it to the stars
and if they all fall down
then i'll join em on the ground
hope we never get found
keep my fire spinnin round
keep my wings unbound
hope i never sell out
lemme keep my sound
and you can have my doubt
i'ma keep whats true
as we find a great escape into the blue
cuz we ain't got time to be fools
and we ain't got nothin left to lose
ya we might be battered and bruised
but we're still gonna hijack the cruise
all we gotta do is choose
which one of these tools to use
get a gun and steal the king's jewels
or, knock a few bro's off bar stools
then, challenge em to duels
tell em, that we're both about to lose
the truth, becomes harder to see
as the youth, falls further from the tree
bruised, broken, skinned up knees
move gates open, lets get free
till we make it to the sea
in a world without police
cuz we made sure the thieves could eat
so we can all breathe
not just me, and not just you
but the ones behind, and the under too
cuz its not just mine, but that's not so true
it belongs to us all, now i give it back to you
Track Name: Relea$e feat. Michael Walker
release the greed from the eyes of the thieves
release the excess from those who don't need
release the dreams of those who can't breathe
release the agony of those who aren't free
release, you
release, me
release, the truth
release, and breathe
see me swimmin in distortion like i'm Jimi Hendrix
watch me break apart your walls, your ceilings, all your limits
as the water starts to rise, see me goin fishin
someone get me back to shore so i can finish missions
cuz i got a lot to do with this life of mine
long as i'm up on the groove, i'll be doin fine
all i need is a room, carved in space and time
maybe somewhere on the moon, watchin stars shine
take a dip in the ocean, float away
witness poetry in motion, every day
in the eyes of the broken, elevate
from the gutter to the heavens, get saved
from the rubber to the realness, feel some bliss
weather fuckin or forgiving, send a kiss
cuz the lessons that we're livin are hard to miss
you can't keep away the driven, don't get it twisted
let me murder all the masks hiding on my face
gonna put em on blast, get me back to grace
just a snake in the grass watching rats race
till i break thru the glass, rock a steady pace
run up in the shade, when the Sun burns
find another way, when the road turns
watch signs lay, and you might learn
what the sages say, when their souls yearn
for eternity, where the echoes end
and inside of me, where it all begins
gotta set it free, till it fades again
i just let it be, let the waves blend
with the energy i'm gonna leave behind
when i'm ready to release all i call mine
when i'm done sharpening my soul on the grind
i'ma dive into infinity as time dies
Track Name: Prophet$ Prai$e feat. Brandon Smith and Carla Starla
(((Carla and Brandon sing 'Wade in the Water')))
prophets/profits rise, and profits/prophets fall
heroes die, sometimes lose it all
but the ones who survive, despite the loss
might learn how to fly, when the nightmare's gone
but how long, till the revolution comes?
and how strong can we really be, without guns?
and i might be wrong, when i say that its not all love
but even when hope is gone, we still gotta get up
rise with the tides when the ocean cries
as the water level threatens us to compromise or die
are we gonna stay alive?
or just sit around and wait for the lake to run dry
not in my time
i'm not the desert kind
sorry tank girl
but your future's not mine
cuz we're taking down the power with some water tonight
so you'd better suit up and get ready for a fight
comin with the drummin under cover of night
with the pigs and undercover motherfuckers in sight
hit em with the light
and don't be nice
just ride on fire, till we break thru the lies
killin all the villains, till i'm feelin somethin safe
resurrect a million prophets from their ashes and graves
rip apart machinery with nothin but the brave
consciousness is limitless just ride up on this wave
don't sit on your ass
and wait to be saved
if you wanna make it last
we gotta fight the depraved
don't believe what they say
you are far from insane
tell em bring all the rain
shove it down the fuckin drain