beating the blinded

by Ty Lee

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production and lyrics by Ty Lee.

from my first album, Trans-Dimensional Intervention.


i find myself caught between a unicorn and an m-4
between a long cold war and a soul i can't afford
to lose, by being so goddamn violent
to violent people, like beating the blinded
check it out
when i'm feelin self righteous i tend to preach
and cover it up by claiming to reach
out to those who need someone to teach
sucking satisfaction like an energy leech

i wanna peel back eyelids and pry open minds
sometimes i wish everyone would die
by a meteor falling down from the sky
or drown in our tears as water levels rise

because i would like to see mother earth flourish
and we are supposed to be the ones to nourish
her spirit, to hear it when she cries out in pain
and be there to wash away her sorrow like the rain

but some of us are too self absorbed to care
weather trapped in an ilife completely unaware
or sittin on a throne with gold they don't share
while some are left starved, stripped, naked and bare

there i go, pointing fingers once again
when i should jus pick up the sewing kit to mend
these wounds that run much deeper then the flesh
though they still bleed, cuz the injury is fresh

every single day it gets ripped wide open
when i look at the news to see humanity chokin
on lies and hard times, gmo's and french fries
chicken wings, angels sing, and savior's try

to save us from ourselves before they're shot in the eye
so we scream to the gods, please tell us why?!
do we cut connecting cords on which we rely
i'm tired of surrendering to a somber sigh

i just wanna get high, but i know i need to ground
so i sit on my ass and try to put my root down
but i'm bound to fall if i can't learn to stand tall
if i tear down the wall, i'll be open to all

which is a scary fuckin thing, since not all are nice
but i'd rather not hide in a hole like mice
if it pays to be alive, i don't want it half price
if Love is a gamble, then i'm rollin the dice

if i start to ramble, call me out on my shit
if my mouth mumbles, then ask me to spit
my words a little louder, with a bit more power
if this is our final hour, i don't wanna be a coward

i would rather devour my own severed head
then float around lifeless pretending to be dead
let me go, let me grow up outta this body
let it snow, make it cold, sing hey ladi dadi

i don't hate party people, i'm just tryin to be real
i don't wanna be see through, i just want to feel
good and bad, happy, sad, conscious, sleepy and mad
like the hatter, lets gather for tea comrade

i got a bag full o herbs, if you want a taste
call me medicine man, because my rhymes are laced
with electric kool aid that will melt your face
brace yourself, cuz its a rocky road to grace

pace your cells, because the air is not safe
breathe deep, despite the warnings i gave
i know i am not the One to save
this planet but damnitt i can still make waves

and if everyone does the same we might make
a hurricane big enough to finally take
back the blessings we were born to embrace
and together we can leave this place to explore space


released February 7, 2015
sound clip by Bill Hicks
pic by Tina Negara



all rights reserved


Ty Lee Chicago, Illinois

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