from by Ty Lee

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sleep all day thru the night and the light
no need to wake, cuz everything's all right
got a smile to fake, and a life to fight
then go home, get baked, eat cake and die
just kidding kids, have a sip of this
kool-aid for your brain, ignorance is bliss
with a twist, like sierra mist
kinda citrus, but mostly chemicals
nah, i'm pretty full, but thanks red bull
you keep me goin with your vitamins and minerals
product place meant to meltify your mind
cuz we gotta find a shelter for the lies to hide
have some cyanide, its the diet kind
make ya feel fine, like some coffee grinds
or a big pie, take a bigger slice
you deserve it cuz you're so damn nice
like jesus on ice
or a family that never fights
white picket signs at a funeral for human rights
elevator music set to bruise your third eye
mom and dad told me, don't as why
so i keep my head down underneath the blue sky
and i don't cry
when the bad guys die
its just a game, right?
whoa, outta sight, fake murder and stereotypes
i love stereos, radios and gramaphones
i love video's of kittens playin xylophones
distraction is a subtle art
like a beautiful painting for sale at wal mart
its a slow start, give up on your heart
cuz we're not far, throw your soul in the cart
cuz its all on sale
from the dirty dozen to organic kale
while it wait for it all to fail
the titanic already set sail
like planned obsolescence
or unwillingness to learn some new lessons
while the soft rock school is in session
i'ma blow my load on a buttload of blessings
like a new xbox 1080
while i'm waiting for the people to play me
i should plan for my future babies
and remember to administer a shot for rabies
cuz the haters keep biting on my style
and i know their mother lovin mouths can be a bit vile
kinda like a steamin pile of
well, you know what
nuts, momma taught me never to cuss
so instead i say dang and shucks
and i always keep my shame covered up
cuz the good lord's watchin me doin my stuff
and the NSA, CIA patriots
i feel so safe, like no one's gonna rape us
cuz they hate us, you know its in their blood
hatin on freedom like terrorists would
shhh, the babies are asleep
lets say a prayer for jesus to keep
our souls safe from the demons in the deep
and if i die when i wake, baby don't you weep
cuz all it is, its like goin back to sleep
go to sleep


from Prophet$ Profit$, released June 13, 2015
Lyrics and production by Ty Lee.



all rights reserved


Ty Lee Chicago, Illinois

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