Prai​$​e Profit feat. Brandon Smith

from by Ty Lee

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(((speech from the film Network)))

rise and grind for that dime to shine
gotta beat the time, so i can take what's mine
steal from the blind, fuck with the kind
drink a bit of coffee from a starbucks, get high
till i find another reason to live
i'ma, make money, i got nothin to give
gotta, get ugly, fight for my kids
what a, sick country, i love this shit
love wakin up at the crack of dawn
get dressed in my slacks, put my collar on
cuz i might run away if the leash is too long
so i keep my slave game locked down strong
fuck thinkin for myself
its much easier when done by someone else
gotta get that wealth
even if it leads me down to hell
father forgive my hustle and flow
i would stop if i had another place to go
but i don't wanna be broke and alone
i just want a little mansion and a boat
with a couple crocodiles for the bums
and a safe full of money and guns
that's really all i need to have a lot of fun
please god, let me kill it till its done
like a drone strike blowin up a school
little fuckers gotta learn to let freedom rule
cuz all we really need is under their shoes
gotta get that, black gold, drill thru
cuz i need my h3 full of fuel
punk ass kids callin me a tool
like i give a fuck about your hippie view
i'ma take that carrot when i pay my dues
praise profit, i don't need your socialist bullshit
never stoppin, till the whole entire motherfuckin world ends
praise profit, over lives and skies and cries from the poor slime
bodies droppin, if anybody tries to take what i call mine
prophet$ profit$


from Prophet$ Profit$, released June 13, 2015
Vocals by Brandon Smith. Lyrics and production by Ty Lee.



all rights reserved


Ty Lee Chicago, Illinois

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