Ri​$​e feat. Carla Starla

from by Ty Lee

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psychopathic capitalists fuckin with my head
pushin me to follow where the other sheep are led
but i would rather bite upon the hand that keeps me fed
than surrender what is left of me to eat upon some bread
they can kill me till i'm dead, and i'll still fight back
as a zombie fuckin unicorn with laser beams attached
they can shoot me in the bed, Fred Hampton style
i'm not really worried how i run my last mile
i'm not really scared of all these dungeons full of filth
i accept it as my punishment for all the ones i killed
with a microphone of violent tones and speakers full of rage
as i ripped apart the pieces of my self-inflicted cage
blaze through waves of twitchy bliss and pain
praise all the rain as it falls down the drain
wake up and slave, you got a spine to maintain
fuck the grave, through the flames, try not to go insane
(this place is gonna forcefeed you lies)
(on a golden platter shining in the light)
(while they silence and restrain the wise)
(filling you with apathy from birth until you die)
(and then they're gonna come for you kids)
(and make em wanna slit their wrists)
(this planet's so fucking sick)
(and we gotta make her better)
(or get ready for the weather)
(get up) like a kid throwin rocks at a tank
(get up) cuz we ain't got time to be fake
(get up) like the moon when the Sunlight sank
(get up) get up, like you wanna rob a bank
(get up) cuz this system's got us all by the nuts
(get up) give blood, give love, give guts
(get up) give it all, till you fall into a rut, then
(get up) brush it off, hit the wall till its dust
(get up) when the man tries to take your ground
(get up) motherfucker i ain't tryin to drown
(get up) right now, its about to get loud
(get up) get up, cuz we gotta tear it down
(get up) from the mess we made along the way
(get up) this is not a test, this is not for play
(get up) cuz i can't wait another fucking day
(get up) take back what they made us pay
take back all the dreams they stole from us, so we can
get free from the sludge and the rust, gotta
take back our empathy and trust, so we can
get clean, get back whats just
get back to the One, we once called home, so we can
get free from the shit we own, gotta
get back to feelin in my bones, so i can
get free, get clean, get grown
get up, when the world's got you bloody in the face
get up, you are not a rat, this is not a race
get up, when the cops got you sprayed with mace
get up, get up through the grime and the grace
through the loss and the shame i will maintain flow
though the fear tries to drain, make my brain say no
they can come all day to detain this glow
cuz at the end of it all, they ain't stoppin our show


from Prophet$ Profit$, released June 13, 2015
Lyrics and production by Ty Lee. Vocals by Carla Starla.



all rights reserved


Ty Lee Chicago, Illinois

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