De​$​cend feat. Carla Starla

from by Ty Lee

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feelin everything and nothin at the same time
till i tear apart the limits of my small mind
nothin quite as comforting as big lies
sleepin on a screamin bed of silent cries
from the mother of another dead soldier
or an artist in Palestine, so alone
feelin like my feet keep sinkin lower
i just want this fuckin game to be over
but i can't stop, won't stop the body rot
play in the decay until worms eat my sweet slop
chokin on the bones, they don't know who they got
like, "this mother fucker? ya he used to complain a lot"
death and taxes, corporation starfuck
champagne glasses, bourgeois soul suck
trailer park trashin, thunder struck
stock market crashin, under my nuts
what?! gotta hit the ground runnin
make sure the moneys comin
Love, give and take a little somethin
drugs, keep me seekin out the next one
guns, get me thinkin revolution
won, wish i knew the solution
run, underground with the movement
Sun, what i missed when the moon hit
now i get my shine from the stars
all this swag's never been ours
wanna be bad but never got far
cities so mad, got me covered in scars
guards surround my heart with bars
pullin this ace till i run outta cards
king's too soft, so joker goes hard
gotta let em know who the fuck we are
why?! cuz its all an illusion
deny, keep swimmin in confusion
cry, till you break on thru
then die again, rebirth, unhinge
get up on the next new shit
everybody arguing what the truth is
government monitoring all our kids
i just wanna find some place to exist
beyond all the bullshit and plastic fish
there must be a place better than this
is it even possible to live in bliss?
do you think it would last, or would we turn it into shit?
hint, i think we already did
twist, the top off this lid
missed, opportunities hid
kissed, goodbye kid
(((Carla Starla)))
run, run, run, run x3
run to somethin better
you don't have to stay where you are
your bones are made from stars
keep on runnin, i know you'll get far
runnin off the edge of this cliff
cuz i don't know if better exists
i just wanna get a grip
but i know this world is stuffed full of tricks
this world is full of glitch
and i wanna see it fixed
i don't wanna watch it twitch
rather build it up, brick by brick
wanna set it off, like a molotov
gotta get involved, gotta break laws
gotta bend bars, gotta break walls
gotta go hard, gotta stay strong
gotta do it all, all except fall
do it for the small, no time to crawl
no time to stall, gotta run far
gotta run till i make it to the stars
and if they all fall down
then i'll join em on the ground
hope we never get found
keep my fire spinnin round
keep my wings unbound
hope i never sell out
lemme keep my sound
and you can have my doubt
i'ma keep whats true
as we find a great escape into the blue
cuz we ain't got time to be fools
and we ain't got nothin left to lose
ya we might be battered and bruised
but we're still gonna hijack the cruise
all we gotta do is choose
which one of these tools to use
get a gun and steal the king's jewels
or, knock a few bro's off bar stools
then, challenge em to duels
tell em, that we're both about to lose
the truth, becomes harder to see
as the youth, falls further from the tree
bruised, broken, skinned up knees
move gates open, lets get free
till we make it to the sea
in a world without police
cuz we made sure the thieves could eat
so we can all breathe
not just me, and not just you
but the ones behind, and the under too
cuz its not just mine, but that's not so true
it belongs to us all, now i give it back to you


from Prophet$ Profit$, released June 13, 2015
Lyrics and production by Ty Lee. Vocals by Carla Starla.



all rights reserved


Ty Lee Chicago, Illinois

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