Je​$​u$ feat. +

from by Ty Lee

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money is the fruit of all evil
payin for the wars that kill people
greedy banks are motherfuckin lethal
pedophiles hiding in the steeples
and all i wanna do is get free tho
but the wolves are guarding all the keyholes
not about to rally all the sheeple
know they're still not ready for the red pill
so where my anarchists at
i see you chokin on the dirt
we gotta get back, lift that
backpack full of hurt (+what else)
we got fists full of anger that burn
like molotov cocktails on your shirt
we are the ones that never were
we also never liked the word sir
cuz i've been a fool
i've been a slave
i've been a rapist of the state
yeah you heard that right
i was itchin for a fight
so i signed that line
learned to line my sights
up with a victim
devil said, kill him
but i never wanted to
do what you gotta do
i just wanna break you
maybe i can fake it thru
nope, gotta get loose
cut this noose
don't shoot
i am not a brute
and i'm not a slave
and i am not afraid
to burn down this charade
organize a parade
so we can dance on the graves
of the pigs and the haters someday
like, fuck you all in the face
we don't care what you say
i never claimed to be a saint
and you probly never saw me that way, but
we been watchin what you're droppin in the water
and the looks that you've been givin to our daughters
and the way that you've been pushin on our fathers
makes me wanna turn into a fuckin martyr
like, Jesus Christ, what did he say
just imagine your savior with thick braids
instead of wavy blonde shit like my mom raised
he was probably arabic and beige
whoa, you mean jesus was a terrorist
damn straight, a terrorist to the state
(((+'s part)))
its not that they don't believe you
it just, that they don't believe x2
but if i get drunk before i get the work done
and don't call back and don't go for a run
i should
until i feel again the Sun
the things i feel
the things i see
are all
inside of me
(((Ty Lee)))
and i don't even know what flows inside of me
sometimes i don't even remember how to breathe
sometimes i wish i couldn't see
all the forests, burning thru the trees
sometimes the bible is the only thing i got
and even that shit is the reason i'm a slave in the first place
its okay to be cray cray
no one makes sense, at this fuckin age
(((Ty Lee)))
in this day and age, we're all full of rage
some are gettin paid, but everybody's caged
i ran into the arms of the one who does me harm
(((Ty Lee)))
he was carrying a bomb, then he dropped it in the calm
every day i, martyr smarter
i, speak better
work out harder
forgive my lover
(((Ty Lee)))
forgive the other
cuz thats the point, right?
(((Ty Lee)))
i think it just might
be, we can be Ty
i promise you, just breathe
serenity is peace and its in our DNA
merry in the streets till we see an a+ from God
(((Ty Lee)))
or until we get robbed
LOL, we're in hell
kill yourself
i'm just kiddin, keep the faith
(((Ty Lee)))
so what happens when it breaks? (((+))) keep the faith
but it just might fade (((+))) keep the faith
and when it goes away?! (((+))) keep the faith
and if i died today? (((+))) keep the faith?
keep the faith
so what happens when it breaks? (((Ty Lee))) keep the faith
but it just might fade (((Ty Lee))) keep the faith
and when it goes away?! (((Ty Lee))) keep the faith
and if i died today? (((Ty Lee))) keep the faith
keep the faith


from Prophet$ Profit$, released June 13, 2015
Lyrics and production by Ty Lee. Vocals by +.



all rights reserved


Ty Lee Chicago, Illinois

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