Relea​$​e feat. Michael Walker

from by Ty Lee

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release the greed from the eyes of the thieves
release the excess from those who don't need
release the dreams of those who can't breathe
release the agony of those who aren't free
release, you
release, me
release, the truth
release, and breathe
see me swimmin in distortion like i'm Jimi Hendrix
watch me break apart your walls, your ceilings, all your limits
as the water starts to rise, see me goin fishin
someone get me back to shore so i can finish missions
cuz i got a lot to do with this life of mine
long as i'm up on the groove, i'll be doin fine
all i need is a room, carved in space and time
maybe somewhere on the moon, watchin stars shine
take a dip in the ocean, float away
witness poetry in motion, every day
in the eyes of the broken, elevate
from the gutter to the heavens, get saved
from the rubber to the realness, feel some bliss
weather fuckin or forgiving, send a kiss
cuz the lessons that we're livin are hard to miss
you can't keep away the driven, don't get it twisted
let me murder all the masks hiding on my face
gonna put em on blast, get me back to grace
just a snake in the grass watching rats race
till i break thru the glass, rock a steady pace
run up in the shade, when the Sun burns
find another way, when the road turns
watch signs lay, and you might learn
what the sages say, when their souls yearn
for eternity, where the echoes end
and inside of me, where it all begins
gotta set it free, till it fades again
i just let it be, let the waves blend
with the energy i'm gonna leave behind
when i'm ready to release all i call mine
when i'm done sharpening my soul on the grind
i'ma dive into infinity as time dies


from Prophet$ Profit$, released June 13, 2015
Lyrics and production by Ty Lee. Guitar by Michael Walker.



all rights reserved


Ty Lee Chicago, Illinois

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